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Hello there! You might be in the right place if…

✨ You followed my old blog and are wondering where all my art & nature and the create & innovate adventures went. I’m migrating them here.

✨ You love any of my arts and want a closer look at how/why I do what I do. Or you’ve never experienced my arts but you’re interested in the creative process of a multi-medium, neurodivergent artistic innovator (read: notorious hack-bastardizer who “does it all wrong”). 😈🤪😈

Absorb what is useful
Discard what is not
Add what is uniquely your own. 

~Bruce Lee

✨ You loved my Dancing the Elements series and want to experience the broader spectrums of how I use this System for all my artistic and healing journeys—my whole life, really.

✨ You’re curious about the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of a Writey Fighty Dancer Nerd. Besides the obvious writing, training, dancing and geekery, this also includes:

  • costuming, hair & makeup

  • music

  • photography & videography

  • vision boards & collage

  • tarot & altar building

  • fantasy world building

  • using tarot cards to build fantasy worlds (it’s a thing around here)

  • fictional character building

  • confidence building in actually letting anybody else geek out about one’s arts besides one’s pets, self, and dust-bunnies

✨ You, too, are obsessed with my hyperfixations. You can check those on the Hyperfixator’s Haven Section. (currently under construction)

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I’ll also use the Notes feature a lot here, because the work-in-progress stuff often doesn’t require an entire post. Also because the hyperfixation is strong with this one. So is the—

✨ Ooooh, Shiny! ✨

And sometimes you just need to share that shit.

As such, please take advantage of the Sections feature of this platform. If you’re on the desktop version, you can pick and choose which topics you want to receive in your inbox and which ones you want to mute.

Seriously, if you’re not as obsessed with this stuff as I am, that’s why I’ve corralled it into its own Section. For your sanity, but also so that I can feel free to GO OFF about this stuff to my heart’s content without worrying about rabbit holes, tangents, info-dumping, or glazing your eyes and making drool dribble out the sides of your mouth.

We only want the good kind of drooling around here. Like drooling over art & nature, fantastic tools, music and wonderful toys.

Paid vs. free subscriptions

At the moment, my subscription is free, but that will change in the future as I become accustomed to this platform and what I want to put here. Paid subscriptions are likely to include:

  • the deeper dives into my Elemental Alchemy System

  • more intensive instructional material

  • people have mentioned swag…do you want swag? I dunno. I’m not a big swag girl, but a lot of people dig it. so let me know if you do.

The Lab (short for Laboratory as well as Labyrinth)

✨ To learn more about my System of Elemental Alchemy—the overarching metaphor we’ll be using for this entire Stack’s organization—THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO START. (just sec…under construction)

✨ Here’s a teaser of what it looks like in the Earth Element’s Realm of Dance:

✨ If you followed me from my old blog and you’re looking for the Damsel To Dangerous posts, including my journey with Traumatic Brain Injury, bodily injury, and all that other un-fun stuff that inspired me to learn the arts of self-defense, those are on my other Substack publication, BELLA & THE BEAST. We sail through some NSFW and 18+ waters over there, hence the separate Stack. So be warned: There Be Beasties Over Yonder!

✨ I will also be posting MY ACTUAL FICTION OVER THERE, because again, we can get pretty graphic & gory, and the erotic content can be high-heat and even downright kinky. The first serialized novels will be my Persephone & Haides tales, but there are already some short stories there. Those are pretty tame, even sweet. My longer fiction is not.

Okay, my longer fiction always has sweetness and soul-searching, but not all the deep dives are wholesome. 🔥😈🔥

Around here in the Elemental Alchemist’s playground…well, I won’t promise to leave my horns and forked tail over yonder. After all, these are my arts, my passions, my obsessions, and I am a Fire Sign.

The author in devil horns and fire coat, pointing a pitchfork at you and winking.

Thanks for reading Tinkerings of an Elemental Alchemist! Subscribe for free to receive new posts and support my work…play. Okay, it’s both. Welcome to my playground!

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